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The concept of detoxification is also very scientific. With this example the concept of detoxification can be understood clearly. Generally we clean our house every day, still at the time of any occasion like festival or wedding when we clean it properly we get lot of dust, debris, garbage inside.

In the same way though we throw out many wastes from our body in the form of stools, urine, sweat, gases, etc. but some remains inside and this gets collected over a period of years. As a routine we do thorough cleaning of our house at least once in a year, we do regular service of our vehicle, but we never think of cleaning our own body.

A human body is made up of billions of small pipes – Srotas or Micro-channels. Whatever wastes are collected in the body, get stuck into these pipes and create certain blockages. As a result of these blockages, nutrition taken by that person will not reach to each and every part of the body in adequate quantity. This leads to weakness of the body parts which are not getting adequate nutrition. This never happens within a short period of time but this a continuous & slow process going on in the body since years. In other words this can be described as the process of aging.

Unfortunately, this is not the only consequence, but after some time whatever waste is collected in the body converts into certain toxins and these toxins badly interfere with the basic metabolism. Initially they show their effect at the weakest parts of the body. By interfering with the metabolism they start creating minor problems in the body and if ignored these small problems lead to major diseases.

So, obviously one must go for a proper Panchakarma – detoxification first, to remove possible maximum toxins from the body and to open up the blockages. Other important reason behind detoxification is, if we do not go for detoxification and if we start with medicines only, these medicines will not reach to the expected site of their action because of the existing blockages. Once the detoxification is done and toxins are expelled out of the body and the blockages are opened up, medicines even in smaller doses work more properly.

The detoxification is achieved with five procedures –
Vaman– Controlled induced Emesis
Virechan – Controlled induced Purgation
Basti – Enemata with certain oil based or water based medicines
Nasya – Nasal drops
Raktamokshan– Blood letting

Before instituting the actual Panchakarma a person's body is prepared for that particular detoxification with certain procedures like Abhyanga (Ayurvedic Therapeutic massage) & Swedana (Fomentation).
Among all the five procedures, the procedure of choice is selected on the basis of the disease & health status of the person.
Panchakarma procedures are carried out not only for treating diseases but for health maintenance as well.

Local Procedures

Along with the basic Panchakarma and pre procedures there are certain specialized local procedures. These are practiced widely to treat certain conditions with very good results. These are

  • 1. Shirodhara
  • 2. Katibasti
  • 3. Janubasti
  • 4. Lepam
  • 5. Patrapinda sweda
  • 6. Choorna pinda sweda
  • 7. Shashtik shali sweda, etc
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